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Visit our wonderful facility and staff. Our focus is the development of your son’s or daughter’s dream of playing at the next. The staff at MPact Sports are some of the best in the area. We are ready to work together to develop a plan, to get your child started with the proper mechanical foundations.

Cage rentals 

Are available 24hrs a day with a membership. Grab a lane today for those extra reps!


Hitting and fielding

During a hitting and fielding lesson kids will be taught the proper hitting and fielding fundamentals.

Hitting will start with hitting off the tee and adjusting the kids swing and fixing what we see needs to be fixed. As their swing progresses we will move them to front toss and then throw them over hand batting practice once we feel they are ready. Front toss and over hand batting practice will be used to work on what we fixed hitting off the tee.

In a fielding or defensive lesson. Kids will learn the proper techniques of throwing and catching and fielding fundamentals of their desired position. Each lesson starts very basic and increases as we feel they are ready to live to more advanced training. 

Pitching Lessons 

A pitching lesson will consist of a band routine with arm care pre and post throwing. We will start off warming up, making sure we have good throwing mechanics. Once we are loose and mechanics are good to go we will go over a series of drills that work on extension and learning to release the ball out in front. We will also do a series of drills that help pitchers understand and feel the use of their legs and the importance of using them. Once these drills are done and we have a good understating on those drills we will then move to throwing off the mound.