Who We Are.

Mpact Sports

I graduated from Marianna High School in 2012. I played three sports for four years, baseball, football, and soccer. My four years at MHS showed me the advantages of cross-training with sports, keeping your academics as your top goal, and staying grounded no matter how successful you are or how many obstacles you face.

I played baseball for two years under legendary Coach Jeff Johnson, was named Pitcher of the Year my freshman year. The Miami Marlins drafted me in 2014 in the third round. I was named to the All-Star East roster in my first season with the Miami affiliate, Batavia Muckdogs. 

I was traded to the Atlanta Braves in August 2016 and reported to their AA League in Mississippi. I was called up to AAA in Gwinnett, Georgia.  In 2019, following surgery for bone spurs, I elected to forego professional baseball, return to Marianna and begin preparing to open Mpact Sports.

I was fortunate to have great coaching throughout my years of playing sports from age 5 to 25. They taught me the importance of proper training, workout, conditioning, and even nutrition to be truly successful.

My goals at Mpact Sports are to include the entire cycle for athletes, beginning with a homework helper program steered towards helping with homework, projects, or any issues they may have with academics. Mpact Sports will provide quality people in our after-school program.

Quality coaches and trainers will be present for all work done on our property to ensure the safety of everyone and that each athlete gets the most out of their time at our facility. We will offer training and conditioning in both softball and baseball initially. We will have weight training and conditioning geared towards each sport.

For the summer, Mpact Sports will offer weekly camps focusing on fundamentals of baseball, softball, and soccer with the possibility of additional sports.

The sky is the limit for Mpact Sports. We hope to add many additional training opportunities in the near future as well as a gym for basketball and volleyball in the distant future.